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  • Financial Director(1人)

    Recruitment requirements:

    1. Full-time bachelor degree or above in key universities, majors in finance, finance, or other related fields of finance and economics;2. More than ten years of financial management work experience in large group companies, with experience in capital operations, investment management, listed companies, corporate bond issuance, and banking experience preferred;

    3. CPA qualification, foreign CPA qualification is preferred;

    4. Possess excellent communication and coordination skills, deal with the relations between government departments such as banking, industry and commerce, and taxation, and safeguard the interests of the company;

    5. Preferential treatment and negotiable salary.

    Company benefits:

    1. Competitive salary levels and bonuses;

    2. Strictly implement all kinds of holidays stipulated in the labor law;

    3. Paid annual leave;

    3. Five insurances and one fund (20% provident fund), supplementary commercial insurance;

    4. Welfare fees, transportation and communication fees and annual power subsidies are issued monthly (regularly paid festival and birthday expenses);

    5. 1-2 employee tours per year;

    6. The trade union regularly organizes various cultural and sports activities;

    7. Employee physical examination once a year.

    Company working hours: 9 to 5 (weekends and weekends).